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Ricoh Wins BLI's A3 MFP Line of the Year Award for Energy Efficiency

Winter 2015

Ricoh Wins BLI’s A3 MFP Line of the Year Award for Energy Efficiency


January 15, 2015 – Hackensack (NJ) – With numerous products demonstrating a consistently energy-efficient environmental performance during testing, Ricoh is the recipient of Buyers Laboratory’s 2015 Line of the Year award for Energy Efficiency for its A3 MFP line of devices. The award was based on the annual energy consumption of current Ricoh models tested to date. Though some models may not be available in all regions, those that helped Ricoh win this award include the Ricoh MP C2003, MP 2501SP, MP C2503, MP C3003, MP 3554, MP C3503, MP 5054AZSP, MP C5503 and MP C6003. Each device was compared against current tested competitive models in each manufacturer’s product line. Any devices that achieved an estimated annual energy consumption rate of more than 35 percent below the average for the product segment qualified to be included in the “Line” award. The tested energy consumption of Ricoh’s eligible devices ranged from 39 percent to as much as 76 percent below their competitive averages.

“Ricoh’s environmental commitment can truly be seen with its A3 line of MFPs,” said Pete Emory, BLI’s manager of laboratory testing. “Not only did they all exceed BLI’s minimum threshold for the energy efficiency Line award, but many of the qualifying models exhibited annual energy rates about half that of the averages for their respective competitive groups. Plus, they all achieved faster than average recovery times from sleep mode, helping users to utilize those energy-saving settings without sacrificing productivity.”

While most of the devices were tested in either BLI’s UK- or US-based labs, the MP C5503, which had an estimated annual energy consumption rate about 43 percent lower than average, and the MP C3503, which experienced an estimated annual energy rate about 51 percent lower than average, were energy tested in the field. In addition, the MP C6003 has been tested and exhibited an annual energy consumption rate about 45 percent lower than average, but the actual environmental report has yet to be completed. Although the “Line” award criteria include only currently available models tested to date, it should be noted that Ricoh has consistently earned recognition for the environmental performances of its A3 and A4 document imaging products. In fact, Ricoh has won a total of 19 BLI “Outstanding Achievement” awards for energy efficiency to date—significantly more than most other vendors.

“At Ricoh, sustainable environmental management is woven into everything we do, and it’s been that way for nearly 40 years,” said Matt Sakauchi, Ricoh Americas Corporation’s vice president of Product Marketing. “Receiving A3 Energy Line of the Year from BLI reinforces our philosophy to design energy efficient products without sacrificing business productivity. With low TEC values, along with Ricoh’s practical energy and resource saving technologies to realize environmental impact reduction, these MFPs represent the environmental sustainability and high quality we are committed to bringing our customers.”

Moreover, many of the these models come with additional ways for users to reduce their overall environmental impact, such as toner-save mode to reduce toner use, automatic duplexing functionality, job review mode and the ability to fax or scan without completely warming up. Color-capable models also come defaulted to auto-color mode for print output, which helps to limit color toner consumption by automatically detecting monochrome documents and allowing the device to switch to black toner instead of using a composite black (a mix of CMYK toners). Ricoh’s A3 MFP line of devices is also sold under the Savin and Lanier brands.

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