Outstanding Achievement

BLI Honors Cutting-Edge Document Imaging Products with "Outstanding Achievement" Awards

Winter 2013

BLI Honors Cutting-Edge Document Imaging Products with “Outstanding Achievement” Awards

January 31, 2013 – Hackensack, NJ – Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI), the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging hardware and software, today announced the winners of its coveted “Outstanding Achievement” awards in the document imaging hardware categories. Selected from among the scores of products evaluated in BLI's lab during the previous six months, these awards acknowledge those products that bring capabilities that stand out for their extraordinary ingenuity, usefulness or value.

Universal Login Manager
imageRUNNER ADVANCE Desktop Quick Printing Tool
Outstanding Achievement in Innovation

SINDOH Co., Ltd.
M400 Series
Outstanding Achievement in Innovation

Two Canon Add-Ons Earn Kudos for Ease of Use and Value
Canon has been honored with two Winter 2013 “Outstanding Achievement Awards” for its new Universal Login Manager and imageRUNNER ADVANCE Desktop Quick Printing Tool.

“The Universal Login Manager provides small enterprises with much of the functionality of a more complex system like uniFLOW in terms of document security, user authentication and cost control, without an additional investment outside of the hardware,” said David Sweetnam, head of Research and Lab Services for BLI’s UK laboratory. “It’s simple to set up and manage and highly scalable. Plus it’s free, and no investment in servers is required, making the application a tremendous value.”

Also available for installation on Canon’s previous generation of imageRUNNER ADVANCE models, the MEAP-based application allows end users to access their personalized Quick Menu tab via a number of login methods, including smart card readers (up to 1,000 users), Image ID with or without PIN protection (up to 48 users) or full integration with an LDAP directory (no user limit). End users will also benefit from simplified login to external services like Google Cloud Connect by linking an individual’s login credentials to the device login, removing the hassle of re-entering login details every time they use these services.

From an administrator’s perspective, login can be implemented at either the device level or function level, allowing capabilities such as scanning to be restricted to enhance security and color copying and printing to be restricted to control output costs. In addition, a tracking tool can be downloaded to provide administrators with basic usage statistics and cost tables to gain greater visibility into costs.


“We are pleased that our Universal Login Manager application has been picked to receive an ‘Outstanding Achievement in Innovation’ award,” said Sam Yoshida, vice president and general manager, Marketing, Business Imaging Solutions Group, Canon U.S.A. “This server-less solution provides easy and convenient user authentication for small and medium size businesses. Utilizing the simple Tracker feature that is included in the solution, ULM delivers basic usage and cost reporting functionality.”

Quick Printing Tool a Tremendous Time Saver
“Always looking for more ways to simplify the end-user experience, Canon has taken another step forward with its imageRUNNER ADVANCE Desktop Quick Printing Tool function,” said Sweetnam. “Super convenient, the Quick Printing Tool allows documents created in a variety of formats to be dragged and dropped into a hot folder icon on the desktop that represents the output device. Once in the hot folder, users can print, fax, convert to PDF and preview files, all without ever having to open the application.”

Users can create multiple hot folders per device, with each having its own specific print preferences. For example, a user could set up a drag-and-drop hot folder for duplex with corner stapling and another for booklets with covers. “And while some advanced features such as variable data printing (VDP) and the ability to create hot folders will end once the 45-day trial period of imageRUNNER ADVANCE Desktop expires, all existing quick printing workflows remain active, continuing to provide users with this invaluable time-saving feature,” said Sweetnam.

The Quick Printing Tool function also provides feedback to users and administrators, including device status, job status and job completion notifications, and users can link to Canon’s Remote User Interface for more detailed feedback, including paper source, remaining paper and paper size and remaining toner.


“We are honored that the Quick Printing Tool that is now part of the imageRUNNER ADVANCE platform has been picked to receive an ‘Outstanding Achievement in Innovation’ award,” said Sam Yoshida, vice president and general manager, Marketing, Business Imaging Solutions Group, Canon U.S.A. "By enabling users to print, fax and convert files to PDF format right from their PC desktop without opening the native application, the Quick Printing Tool is a great example of how we are helping to improve the way people work.”

SINDOH Brings A3 Capability to A4 Device
For the ability to scan A3 documents on an A4 platen and then adjust them to letter-size pages, SINDOH has been honored with a BLI Winter 2013 “Outstanding Achievement in Innovation” award.

While many standalone scanners include this technology, the manufacturer’s M400 series is the first to have it on an A4 MFP. Users simply place a ledger-size document on the platen and press the “A3/11" x 17" Start” button, at which point the device scans the top 8.5"; rollers in the lid then move the page back so the device can capture the lower 8.5". The images are subsequently combined in memory and reduced to fit on a letter-size page—without any user intervention.

“For organizations that occasionally have to handle A3 documents but don’t want to buy an A3 device, an expensive proposition for many businesses, this technology adds a lot of value,” said BLI Senior Printer Analyst Marlene Orr. “And because the devices can scan in color and send files to email, which users can then output on color devices, the feature has workflow properties that will help people be more productive.”

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