BLI Honors Eight Impressive Document Imaging Solutions with Summer 2015 Pick Awards

Summer 2015

August 4, 2015 – Fairfield, NJ – Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI), the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging hardware and software, today announced its Summer 2015 Pick award recipients in the document imaging solutions category. Bestowed twice a year by the editors of BLI, these awards recognize the most impressive solutions evaluated by BLI during the previous six months. Among the dozens of qualified products, solutions from Canon, Kodak Alaris, Konica Minolta, Papercut, Ricoh and Square 9 Softworks were award recipients.
Canon U.S.A., Inc.
Therefore Enterprise
Outstanding ECM Platform
Kodak Alaris
Capture Pro Software 5
Outstanding Production Scan Solution
Konica Minolta
Dispatcher Phoenix Foundations 4
Outstanding Document Routing & Workflow Solution
PaperCut 15
Outstanding SMB Print Management Solution
Ricoh Corp.
Device Manager NX Enterprise 1
Outstanding Fleet Management Solution
HotSpot Enterprise 2
Outstanding Enterprise Mobile Print Solution
Streamline NX 2
Outstanding Document Imaging Solution Suite
Square 9 Softworks
SmartSearch 4
Outstanding Document Management Solution

“Software is no longer an after-thought in a document imaging environment,” said Jamie Bsales, senior editor for solutions at BLI. “It has become an equal partner in the hybrid hardware-software solutions required to overcome customers’ document-centric challenges. The eight award winners honored in this Picks season have demonstrated to BLI their ability to satisfy complex business needs, streamline daily processes and increase productivity.”

Canon’s Winning ECM Platform
Therefore Enterprise, from Therefore Corporation GmbH (a Canon subsidiary), is an information management system that lets users capture, index, process, store and share documents. In its evaluation, BLI found that Therefore delivers all of the document capture and document management features one would expect of a leading enterprise content management (ECM) product. Moreover, Therefore offers BPA (business process automation) capabilities that enable even complex workflow scenarios to be created and deployed easily.
“In today’s data rich world, Canon aims to provide dynamic solutions, such as Therefore, that help customers better utilize the information that drives business results,” said Junichi Yoshitake, senior vice president and general manager, Business Imaging Solutions Group, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “Canon is pleased to receive a BLI Summer Pick for Outstanding ECM Platform, highlighting the system’s ability to effectively and securely manage valuable information and simplify how information is managed.”

Kodak Alaris Scores in Centralized Scanning
Kodak Alaris Capture Pro Software is designed to meet the needs of most document-intensive scanning environments, transforming paper documents into electronic information for easier management, storage, and retrieval. The solution offers a wide variety of robust features which aims to eliminate the need for scan operators to manually recreate the settings for commons jobs, and the platform seamlessly integrates with various line-of-business applications and back-end systems to make critical information accessible across the enterprise. The latest version of Capture Pro offers the feature set and usability that has earned it high marks in the past, along with a new user-friendly GUI to help simplify the capture process and boost productivity.
“At Kodak Alaris, we are constantly looking for better ways to meet our customers’ needs,” said Tony Barbeau, Products & Solutions general manager and vice president, Information Management division, Kodak Alaris. “As more companies come to grips with managing information in digital environments, it’s increasingly important to streamline the document capture process. KODAK Capture Pro Software is a proven solution—with more than 40,000 licenses worldwide—that delivers on its promise to optimize workflows and turn business-critical documents into shareable, searchable information for organizations across a wide range of industries.”
Konica Minolta Connects the MFP with Mission-Critical Platforms
Businesses recognize that paper-based workflows are generally inefficient. But the alternative—scanning documents into digital files, processing them as needed and routing them to the desired destination—is often a time-consuming, multi-step undertaking for office workers. Konica Minolta Dispatcher Phoenix Foundations is a modular document capture, processing and distribution solution that turns paper into digital documents, enabling both simple and advanced custom workflows. The platform offers dozens of included and optional add-on modules that deliver advanced processing at the server, such as optical character recognition, Bates numbering, barcode recognition, forms processing and more. The platform also supports a wide array of standard and optional distribution destinations for documents scanned at the MFP.
“This recognition by BLI is a testament to Dispatcher Phoenix and its ability to optimize a business’ workflow and very effectively reduce costs and increase productivity,” said Sam Errigo, senior vice president, Business Intelligence Services, Konica Minolta Business Solutions, U.S.A., Inc. “BLI has long been a leader in measuring a product’s true value for consumers, so Konica Minolta considers this award a confirmation of our belief in Dispatcher Phoenix as another solid product in our award-winning portfolio.”
PaperCut 15 Makes Print Management Easy and Affordable
Understanding print output—and its associated costs—is critical for schools and businesses today. PaperCut 15 addresses the growing need for a comprehensive, affordable, easy-to-deploy print management solution with its cross-platform software, and has won a BLI Summer 2015 Pick award for “Outstanding SMB Print Management Solution.” The honor extends to PaperCut NG, which handles print output, and the more full-featured PaperCut MF, which supports the tracking of walk-up activities at the MFP as well. PaperCut facilitates usage tracking and charging for output when appropriate, and includes convenient, money-saving features such as secure print release, rerouting of files to lower-cost devices, and the ability to enforce duplex printing or restrict output by application type. The logically arranged menu items and handy Dashboard make administering a PaperCut system much easier than working with other print management offerings BLI has tested, even for those who have never used a print management system.
“At PaperCut, we work hard to bring easy-to-use print management solutions to businesses of all sizes.  Small and medium business owners can quickly get the cost savings and the security benefits of PaperCut, without the large enterprise installation,” said Chris Dance, CEO of PaperCut Software. “PaperCut software works on any platform—Windows, Mac, Linux and Novell—and integrates with the majority of printing and copying devices, giving the end customer the ultimate control and security in their print environment. Receiving the ‘Outstanding SMB Print Management Solution’ Pick award demonstrates our commitment to customers worldwide, delivering quality and rapid innovation, no matter how big or small.”
Ricoh Hits the “Suite” Spot with Three Pick Winners
Keeping up with output devices so they remain operational is essential to worker productivity, but monitoring a device fleet—often composed of disparate brands of printers and MFPs spread across multiple print servers or locations—can be a time-consuming proposition for a company’s IT staff. Ricoh Device Manager NX Enterprise delivered unsurpassed versatility among OEM fleet management platforms in BLI’s tests by reading complete data for almost every brand and type of output device, while also enabling the remote management of compatible Ricoh devices. Additionally, the platform delivers just about every feature a fleet management product can offer, all aimed at streamlining management chores for IT personnel.
“Ricoh Device Manager NX Enterprise provides organizations with clear, deep and detailed control of their MFP fleet regardless of location or brand,” said Jason Dizzine, Director, Product Marketing, Ricoh Americas Corporation. “Our thanks to Buyers Laboratory for their recognition of this important Ricoh solution.”
In today’s enterprise environments, some work is accomplished at the standard desktop PC, but more and more often employees want to use the mobile devices that they own and are familiar with. But printing from those devices can be frustrating. Ricoh HotSpot Enterprise provides a vendor-agnostic mobile-print solution that allows printing from a variety of fixed and mobile devices. And with selected Ricoh MFPs and printers, the solution provides secure print release functionality for increased document security. In BLI’s tests, HotSpot Enterprise’s best-in-class device discovery automatically located printers from all manufacturers and notified the users of nearby hardware to print to, using the mobile devices’ GPS information—true time-saving conviences gor OT personnel and end users alike.
“In today’s BYOD environment, maintaining document security without restricting everyday productivity tools, like printing, is among the biggest challenges our customers face,” said Ricoh’s Dizzine.  “We are grateful to BLI for recognizing the role that Ricoh HotSpot Enterprise can play in addressing this critical issue.”
Ricoh Streamline NX 2 offers a wide-ranging platform that can handle these needs and more. The MFP-resident component is compatible with Ricoh family devices equipped with the company’s Embedded Software Architecture (ESA) platform, while an available Print Release Station extends secure pull printing to any networked output device regardless of brand. 
BLI analysts were impressed with the platform as a true “one stop shop” for an organization’s document-capture and output-management needs. Rather than deal with the hassle of multiple solutions, BLI found that Streamline NX delivers a comprehensive, straightforward imaging solution suite that can be easier to administer and less costly to deploy than many alternatives.
“As a modular platform for capturing, processing and outputting documents, Ricoh Streamline NX enables information mobility at any size account with configuring capabilities, controls, workflows, security profiles and much more,” noted Dizzine.

Square 9’s SmartSearch is Wiser than Ever
Businesses are constantly looking for simpler, more cost-effective methods to organize and manage paper and electronic documents in order to make knowledge workers more efficient. Square 9’s SmartSearch solution enables organizations to convert paper documents into electronic files, index them and store them in a document repository for simplified search and retrieval. It also offers custom workflow abilities to automate and streamline document-centric business processes. BLI analysts found that SmartSearch is one of the few document management solutions that can be ideal for both large and small organizations, and the Summer 2015 Pick award for “Outstanding Document Management Solution” extends to both SmartSeach 4 Professional, which is aimed at small and mid-size organizations, and SmartSearch 4 Corporate, which is suitable for larger enterprises.
“Our 2015 R&D efforts have been keenly focused on meeting the web-based demands of the global community through the introduction of a rich blend of browser-based features in SmartSearch 4.2. The result is a more powerful and extensible solution that maintains the flexibility and ease of use our end-user community expects,” said Square 9 President and CEO, Stephen Young. “On behalf of the entire Square 9 team, we are thrilled that BLI has once again recognized our achievements in product innovation.”

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