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BLI Honors Ricoh and Sharp with Outstanding Achievement Awards

Summer 2014

BLI Honors Ricoh and Sharp with Outstanding Achievement Awards

July 15, 2014 – Hackensack (NJ) – Today, Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI) announced the winners of three Outstanding Achievement Awards for the Summer 2014 test season, with Ricoh and Sharp earning the honors. The leading provider of intelligence on the document imaging and solutions industry, BLI has been putting products to the test for more than 50 years. Its Pick awards, presented twice annually, acknowledge the hardware and software offerings that measure up as the best in BLI’s rigorous and comprehensive lab testing, which assesses a wide range of the most important features and performance factors for buyers. BLI’s Outstanding Achievement Awards acknowledge products or capabilities that stand out for attributes such as innovation, usefulness, energy efficiency or value.

Ricoh Americas Corporation
Stapleless Stapler Finisher
(also sold under the Lanier and Savin brands)

Outstanding Achievement in Innovation

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America
Outstanding Achievement in Innovation for its Full-Bleed Booklet Printing

Outstanding Achievement in Innovation for its Control Panel Integration with EFI Fiery Command WorkStation

Ricoh Honored for Stapleless Stapler Finisher
Offering the ability to ‘bind’ documents together without the need for a traditional metal staple, Ricoh’s groundbreaking ‘stapleless stapler finisher’ option has been honored with a BLI award for Outstanding Achievement in Innovation.

Supported on Ricoh’s new-generation A3 color MFP devices, including the Ricoh MP C2003SP and MP C2503SP (both models are recipients of BLI Summer 2014 Pick awards), the optional internal stapleless finisher is designed to conserve resources and enable documents to be shredded or recycled without the tedium of removing metal staples.

“Ricoh has taken a fresh approach to attaching documents of up to five pages together. In addition to producing an effective and aesthetically pleasing finish, the stapleless finisher saves on material costs and operator time required to load staples into the MFP,” said David Sweetnam, head of Research and Lab Services for BLI’s UK laboratory. “Detaching pages from a bound document becomes less of a headache as the page can come away cleanly with less risk of tearing.”

“We’re delighted to receive BLI’s award for this unique finishing option,” said Jason Dizzine, director, Technology Marketing, Ricoh Americas Corporation. “Stapleless stapling saves time and supplies costs, as well as making shredding easier when the printed document reaches the end of its lifecycle.”

Sharp’s Cutting-Edge Innovations Earn Honors
Sharp is the recipient of two BLI awards for Outstanding Achievement in Innovation, both for groundbreaking features that are available for its Pro Series MX-6500N and 7500N. The Sharp Pro Series’ full-bleed booklet printing and control panel integration with EFI Fiery Command WorkStation are both industry firsts.

“Hats off to Sharp for its full-bleed booklet printing,” said BLI Manager of Laboratory Testing Pete Emory. “Whereas competitors require expensive, space-eating inline and offline options, as well as access to more expensive 12" x 18"-size paper to create full-bleed 11” x 17” booklets, users of the Sharp Pro Series can produce full-bleed, professional-looking booklets of up to 120 pages on 11" x 17" paper.”

Except for the lead edge, which has to have a blank area in order to enable trouble-free feeding, Sharp has enabled toner to be applied edge-to-edge, eliminating the white space that is typical of other devices when outputting booklets. Consequently, this design eliminates the need for any inline or offline three-edge trimmer, which are not only more expensive but take up a lot of space. The lead and trail edges are trimmed at the same time with a simple face trim.

Sharp’s control panel integration with EFI Fiery Command WorkStation also breaks new ground. “With the industry moving more and more towards tablet-style, touch-and-swipe interfaces, Sharp and EFI have found a way to raise the bar even further,” said Emory. This integration saves users the costs and space typically associated with having to purchase an additional monitor, keyboard, mouse and stand. And because the same display also serves as the main operation panel for the Pro Series, operators can switch between the two with ease.”

Operators have the ability to work in Command WorkStation via touching the 15.4" screen, as they do when copying and scanning from the MFP’s control panel, or by using an integrated keyboard and mouse. Operators also get the full breadth of capabilities offered with Command WorkStation, long a favorite of BLI for job management in production environments, at the display.


“It is an honor to receive these outstanding achievement awards for our innovative technology,” said Kent J. Villarreal, senior product manager, Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America. These awards acknowledge our commitment to address the needs of our customers with reliable technology that truly keeps them competitive and productive.”
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