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Fall 2009


December 9, 2009 - Hackensack (NJ) – Thanks to the overall strength of their product lines as tested this past year, Ricoh Corporation has been recognized by Buyers Laboratory as “Color Printer Line of the Year” and Lexmark International, Inc. has been selected “Monochrome Multifunction Line of the Year.” The prestigious “Printer Line of the Year” awards are given once a year by the world’s leading evaluator of document imaging products to the vendors whose product lines surpass those of all other competitors in their respective categories.
The selection is made by BLI’s highly experienced staff of technicians and editors after subjecting scores of office printers of all types from every major vendor to BLI’s unique battery of exhaustive laboratory tests. In order for a vendor to be eligible for this award, at least one product each from the low-, mid- and high-volume categories must have been subjected to laboratory testing by BLI and all or most must have demonstrated excellence. Among the many factors considered by BLI in selecting line of the year are reliability, overall economy, print quality, ease of use and setup, productivity, administrative utilities and feedback to user workstations.


Most Outstanding Monochrome Multifunction Printer Line, 2009


Most Outstanding Color Printer Line, 2009
(also includes Lanier and Savin)

Lexmark Sweeps The Monochrome MFP Printer Category
Every one of the eight Lexmark monochrome MFPs tested by BLI in 2009 received high praise from BLI’s editorial and lab staff and seven garnered individual “Pick” awards in their respective segments, making Lexmark the obvious choice to receive BLI’s “Monochrome Multifunction Printer Line of the Year” award for 2009. “The consistently outstanding performances of all these models is truly an impressive accomplishment that’s unmatched by any other vendor,” said BLI Associate Editor Carl Schell.
Schell added, “Lexmark monochrome multifunction printers always turn in impressive performances in our lab testing, Not only do they offer the speed and reliability offices need to be productive, but from their-entry-level devices to their more powerful workgroup-level models they also offer the ease of use that’s critical to user productivity.”
Lexmark has always been on the leading edge of printer technology, and this year they continued to build on their many strengths. This past spring, Lexmark earned an “Outstanding Achievement Award” for leveraging its embedded platform to provide value-added capabilities standard on its newer MFPs. Lexmark’s Embedded Solutions Framework platform allows users to enhance the device with workflow solutions without the need for additional hardware because the solutions run on the device itself. “Lexmark’s embedded solutions, MyMFP, Eco-Copy and Remote Color Copy, are available at no additional cost to the customer and enhance the functionality of their Lexmark MFP,” said BLI Senior Printer Analyst Marlene Orr. The MyMFP feature allows users to save commonly used copier, printer, scanner or fax settings on a USB memory drive. When users insert their drive, their customized selections appear on the touch-screen display. Eco-Copy provides a copy button that automatically defaults the device to more environmentally friendly settings, including duplexing, lighter toner darkness and N-up copying. Remote Copy allows users to make a color copy on a monochrome machine by scanning a color document on a monochrome Lexmark MFP and having it automatically printed on a color Lexmark printer on the network.
“Over the last year, Lexmark has refreshed and expanded its entire monochrome laser MFP lineup, bringing more innovation, value and choices to the marketplace than ever before,” said Marty Canning, Lexmark Vice President and President of its Printing Solutions and Services Division. “From our desktop-friendly models for small workgroups to our enterprise devices equipped with the e-Task interface, solutions and flexible media handling options, it is a great honor to have BLI recognize this Lexmark line for its combination of intelligent features, outstanding reliability, quality and productivity. Lexmark's customers want monochrome laser products that are solid and dependable, and they can feel confident putting ours to the test.”
Superior Performance Earns Ricoh Color Printer Line Award
The six Ricoh color printers tested by BLI outperformed those of other vendors in several key areas, earning the company BLI’s “Color Printer Line of the Year” award. “A clear testament to the breadth, quality and value of its color printer portfolio, Ricoh has now received the ‘Most Outstanding Color Printer Line’ three times since the award’s inception in 2005,” said Orr. Offering printers in every category of the color market, from inkjet and small workgroup models to large workgroup and departmental models, Ricoh printers are designed to meet the diverse needs of business users. Orr continued, “Not only are Ricoh printers easy to use, set up and manage on the network, thanks to Ricoh’s outstanding utilities, but they offer high toner and ink yields, which translate to decreased downtime and low cost per page.” Indeed, four of the five Ricoh color printers, as well as the one color printer MFP tested by BLI in 2009 were found to be very good values, and all received high marks for ease of use and demonstrated excellent reliability in testing.
“To once again receive the ‘Color Printer Line of the Year’ is truly an honor for Ricoh, as we take pride in the diversity of our product offerings and our ability to meet, and exceed, customers’ color needs,” said Matt Sakauchi, Vice President of Ricoh Americas Corporation’s Office Printer Business Group. “Having previously won this award in two consecutive years, we’re thrilled to be recognized again as it highlights our steadfast commitment to constantly improving our product line in order to stay on top of the market and be considered the ‘go-to’ source for advanced color printing solutions.”
Stay tuned for upcoming Buyers Lab “Pick” award announcements in the following categories:
December 11: Environmental and Special Awards
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