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BLI Announces Fall 2009 "Picks" Honoring Best Document Management Solutions

Fall 2009

BLI Announces Fall 2009 “Picks” Honoring Best Document Management Solutions

November 30, 2009 – Hackensack (NJ) – Buyers Laboratory Inc. (BLI), the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging products and solutions, today announced its Fall 2009 “Pick” winners honoring outstanding document management software solutions from Laserfiche, Square 9 Softworks and Nuance Inc. BLI’s semi-annual “Pick” awards are given to the hardware and software offerings that measure up as the best in BLI’s comprehensive evaluations, which assess a wide range of the most important features and performance factors for buyers.
The Fall 2009 document management solutions “Pick” winners are:

Laserfiche (a division of Compulink Management Center, Inc.)
Laserfiche 8.1
Outstanding Enterprise Document Management Solution

Square 9 Softworks (a subsidiary of Infinet Business Systems)
SmartSearch 2.3
Outstanding Workgroup Document Management Solution

Nuance Inc.
PaperPort Professional 12
Outstanding Desktop Document Management Solution

Document management solutions enable users to organize and manage electronic documents created by a wide variety of applications. When used with scanners or MFPs, such solutions help organizations convert paper documents into electronic files that can be incorporated into the system. This not only allows documents to be accessed far more quickly, but also enables users to much more easily collaborate on the information the documents contain.
“Deploying a robust, easy-to-use document management system is one of the surest ways for an organization to streamline everyday tasks and improve efficiency among knowledge workers,” said BLI Managing Editor Daria Hoffman. “But picking the right platform to suit an organization’s goals and budget can be a challenge. These ‘Pick’ winners, chosen from among the leading document management solutions BLI has evaluated, run the gamut from an entry-level desktop application to scalable workgroup- and enterprise-class platforms, so an organization of any size can find an outstanding solution that fits its needs.”
Laserfiche Delivers Scalable Document Management For The Enterprise
Laserfiche is a unified, server-based document management solution designed to address complex business requirements. Evaluated in version 8.1, it enables companies to integrate legacy systems, third-party databases and information from critical business applications with paper and electronic documents.
Laserfiche supports both distributed and centralized capture models and both Microsoft and Oracle database platforms. It is also a scalable document management solution that offers a number of modules to enhance its capabilities. The core program archives scanned images, electronic documents, e-mail messages and digital audio and video files. With the Workflow module, documents are automatically moved, copied or deleted based on predetermined rules, while automatic notifications ensure prompt action and simplify supervision. The optional Quick Fields module enables batch processing of documents, with modules for forms processing and specialized capture hardware. Substantially upgraded since version 7, the newest iteration of Laserfiche offers user interface enhancements such as a navigation toolbar, Quick Search toolbar and dockable panes, as well as more robust search options.
“We are delighted that Buyers Lab has selected Laserfiche 8.1 as ‘Outstanding Enterprise Document Management Solution,’” said Chris Wacker, Laserfiche senior vice president, Sales & Marketing. “Our objective is to develop an agile enterprise content management suite that helps our customers maximize productivity and operate more efficiently. It’s gratifying for us at Laserfiche to have our efforts recognized as successful.”
Laserfiche earned top marks in 9 of the 11 categories BLI evaluated. “We were especially impressed with the platform’s feature set, security, ease of use and value,” said BLI Assignments Editor George Mikolay. Laserfiche is available through authorized value-added resellers and key distributors, as well as directly from the company’s strategic sales and services group.
Square 9 Softworks SmartSeach 2.3 Combines Management And Workflow
A BLI Fall 2009 “Pick” winner among workgroup-level document management applications, Square 9 Softworks SmartSearch 2.3 is a server-based solution designed for small and medium-size businesses, as well as departments in larger organizations. SmartSearch enables scanning of hardcopy documents from virtually any scanner or MFP, as well as importing of electronic files for seamless management and collaboration. Version 2.3 also incorporates image-processing and workflow capabilities, and the core product can be augmented by a range of optional modules, including full-text indexing to enable keyword searches.
“With its remarkably low cost, ease of deployment and control panel integration with virtually any MFP, SmartSearch makes document management practical and approachable even for small companies and departments,” said Hoffman. “The addition of workflow features in version 2.3 makes an already attractive product that much more appealing.”
The drag-and-drop workflow tool enables users to set up processes that, all in a single step, can automatically import documents from a watched folder and perform a range of actions on them—document clean-up, conversion into text-searchable PDFs and data extraction via barcode recognition, to name a few—before storing them in a specified archive. Users can also add their own custom activities to the workflows. Other standout features include batch scanning with barcode recognition and blank-page separation, image enhancements and flexible annotation with a range of tools including highlighting, redaction, sticky notes, stamps and signatures.
“It is a tremendous honor to have SmartSearch selected by Buyers Lab for a ‘Pick’ award for Fall 2009,” said Stephen Young, president and CEO of Square 9 Softworks. “We have endeavored to create what we feel is a truly unique software solution that allows businesses of all sizes to work more efficiently. To have the efforts of our team recognized in this way reaffirms our commitment to continued innovative development.”
SmartSearch 2.3 earned high marks across the board, and its attractive price relative to other document management platforms BLI has evaluated in conjunction with its impressive feature set makes it an excellent value. The solution is available through authorized Square 9 Softworks resellers.
Nuance PaperPort 12 Helps Tame The Paper Tiger
Nuance PaperPort Professional 12 is a desktop document management solution designed to help organize hard-copy and electronic documents and allow end users to capture, manage, search, retrieve and annotate documents electronically. Welcome features include the ability to automatically index all PaperPort desktop files at the touch of a button, customizable scan buttons and a revamped user interface that makes navigating the program very easy.
“PaperPort Professional 12 is an excellent solution for smaller companies or departments within larger organizations looking for a comprehensive desktop document management solution,” said BLI Research Editor Lisa Reider. “It helps users streamline workflow processes and convert hard-copy documents into electronic files—and thus come closer to achieving the elusive goal of the paperless office.”
Nuance PaperPort Professional includes most of the features buyers of a desktop document management solution are likely to need, such as searchable PDF creation, full-text indexing, annotation tools and image enhancements, batch processing and connection to Microsoft SharePoint repositories. Users can also drag and drop files into an application available on the Send-To bar, including Microsoft Word and Excel, Adobe Acrobat or Reader, and e-mail applications. In addition, the program comes bundled with a variety of Nuance tools to help manage an influx of documents. Nuance’s FormTyper tool, for example, allows users to drop forms from PaperPort into FormTyper to be filled in or modified, while PDF Viewer Plus converts electronic files into editable PDFs. Another winning feature is DesktopDelivery, which automatically transfers documents from networked scanners and digital copiers to the PaperPort desktop.
“The BLI ‘Pick’” award is recognition for PaperPort Professional 12 providing the most productive and cost-effective way for home and office users to scan, organize, find and share all of their documents, including paper, PDF, application files and photographs,” said Robert Weideman, general manager and senior vice president of the Nuance Document Imaging Division. “PaperPort Professional combines the efficiency of document management, the convenience of advanced scanning capabilities and the power of PDF creation and assembly to simplify information sharing and archiving.”
Nuance PaperPort Professional 12 earned BLI’s highest rating in most of the categories evaluated, including feature set, value, ease of setup, ease of use and software integration. Nuance also offers PaperPort 12 Standard for customers with basic document management needs and an Enterprise version for network deployment. The PaperPort family of solutions is available through Nuance authorized resellers and retail outlets.
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Software solutions undergo an in-depth hands-on review that focuses on key attributes for a solution’s target market and compares how well the product stacks up against leading competitors. Pick winners rise above the competition in key areas such as value, feature set, ease of use, ease of administration, hardware compatibility, software integration, security and support.
Software solutions earn an overall rating based on a five-star scale, and “Pick” contenders are culled from those that earn the highest ratings. Consequently, a BLI “Pick” is a hard-earned award that buyers and IT directors can trust to better guide them in their acquisition decisions.
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