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Canon Wins BLI's 2008 "MFP Line Of The Year" Award

Fall 2008

Canon Wins BLI’s 2008 “MFP Line Of The Year” Award

December 5, 2008 - Based on the outstanding overall performance of its MFPs in BLI’s comprehensive laboratory tests, Canon U.S.A., Inc. has earned BLI’s most prestigious award, “MFP Line of the Year,” for 2008.
BLI’s “MFP Line of the Year” title is awarded once a year to the vendor whose product line is determined to be the best overall based on its cumulative test results in BLI’s rigorous two-month laboratory evaluation. Among the many factors considered are reliability, image quality, productivity, ease of use, scanning, a host of connectivity attributes and overall value. Also considered is the breadth of each vendor’s line and the solutions it offers.
“As the nature of companies’ document management needs have continued to increase in complexity over the years, Canon has remained committed to designing highly reliable MFPs that perform consistently, while also simplifying the end-user experience and offering the most complete total solutions across all segments of the industry,” said BLI Assignments Editor George Mikolay.
Indeed, this marks the sixth time since 2000 that Canon has been chosen as the “MFP Line of the Year.” In fact, Canon has won an astounding 23 MFP “Picks” since 2005, including more MFP “Picks” than any other vendor this year, three additional “Outstanding Achievement” awards and numerous other “Picks” for its wide-format devices, scanners, fax-centric MFPs and printers. All those “Picks” add up, giving Canon the most consistent quality of products across all spectra of the digital imaging industry, let alone in the MFP environment. “Unlike with some vendors’ product lines, which may be very strong in some segments, but not as strong in others, Canon’s MFPs are at or near the top of their classes, from Segment 1 to Segment 6,” said BLI Managing Editor Daria Hoffman.
“With the current economic climate, there is an increasing demand for efficient and cost-effective document management technologies in enterprise workgroups and small business environments. Canon’s imageRUNNER MFP line caters to this climate by adhering to organizations’ modest budget requirements while delivering quality results,” said Sam Yoshida, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Systems Division, Canon U.S.A, Inc. “Canon is honored to be recognized by Buyers Laboratory for its innovative products that reflect customer needs and greatly improve the end-user experience. We look forward to carrying this momentum forward with the launch of more products suited to the marketplace.”
Michael Danziger, CEO of Buyers Laboratory, joined (left to right) by Geoff Langston (Director, Field Marketing), Tod Pike (Senior Vice President and General Manager, Imaging Systems Group), Sam Yoshida (Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Systems Division) and Hiro Imamura (Senior Director, Enterprise Systems Division)
Reliability And Ease Of Use Not To Be Outdone
Time and again, both Canon’s color and monochrome MFPs complete BLI’s rigorous durability testing with excellent results. Also common across Canon’s product line is its superior overall ease of use that begins with its outstanding control panel. “Canon’s basic copy screen makes programming jobs highly intuitive,” said BLI Manager of Laboratory Testing Pete Emory. “Functions are clearly labeled with terms users will readily understand and step-by-step instructions are provided to walk users through programming various functions.”
And to make use of its touch-screen control panel even easier, Canon offers users an Express Copy screen in addition to its highly intuitive main copy screen. The Express Copy screen includes all commonly used and even some advanced features all on the first screen. “While Canon’s traditional copy screen is so simple that it will play in environments where there are many different new users, the Express Copy screen will save steps for users in busy walk-up environments,” said Emory.
Canon’s print drivers also offer very good ease of use, and as with its control panel, feature the same capabilities across most of its MFP product line.
“When a product combines trouble-free operation with outstanding ease of use, average to above average output quality and productivity, and competitive to lower than average pricing, like Canon’s MFPs consistently do, it delivers on everything that matters to a customer,” said Mikolay.
Simplifying The User Experience
Always looking for more ways to simply the end-user experience, Canon was the first vendor to offer an embedded platform (Canon’s MEAP). MEAP not only enables MFPs to run applications that add functionality, but also enables integration of the MFP with back-end applications to customize the control panel to streamline workflow. Another example of this is the innovative Workflow Composer option, which won a Spring 2008 “Outstanding Achievement” award. Workflow Composer allows users to easily set up workflows that combine multiple functions into a single process that can be activated from a single button on the MFP. Canon was also among the first MFP vendors to offer Internet access from the MFPs of its control panels.
Excellent Scan Functions To Boot
Not to be overlooked are the excellent scan capabilities of Canon’s MFPs, which give users a choice of one of two outstanding scan solutions: Canon Universal Send or eCopy for MEAP. Moreover, all of Canon’s MEAP-enabled MFPs are designed to work with imageWARE Document Manager Personal. With the ability to directly scan documents from the device into the imageWARE Document Manager database, users can support ad-hoc document capture and management capabilities without the need for building centralized scanning operations.
Stressing Security And Accessibility
Well aware of the importance of security, Canon consistently scores excellent ratings for the security features of its MFPs in BLI’s testing. In addition to an HDD Data Encryption Kit, which has achieved EAL Common Criteria certification at level 3 and encrypts data before it’s committed to the hard drive, an HDD Data Erase Kit automatically overwrites stored data. Its products also offer a range of authentication methods, including network user authentication.
Canon also stands out among MFP vendors in ensuring accessibility to all users. Most of Canon’s MFPs offer the Remote Operator’s Software kit, which gives users access to all functions from a laptop or desktop PC. The Voice Guidance kit provides users with audible confirmation of select functions, and users can also control Canon’s MFPs through spoken commands using the Voice Operation kit. Canon also offers a Braille Label kit for many of its products and an access handle for its automatic document feeders.
BLI congratulates Canon on winning “MFP Line of the Year” for 2008.
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