Market Analytics Tool

MAT is the latest way to survey the printing landscape for A3 and A4 office equipment in your territories and vertical markets.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We use a combination of proprietary research and government data to provide print volume, installed devices and number of establishments in states, counties and zip codes. This data can be filtered by criteria such as MFP/Single Function, Color/Mono, A3/A4, as well as by Vertical Industry.
You can access the data via the MAT cloud platform in Domo. Additionally, all of the data you've purchased can be exported via various cards in the Domo interface.


Once you have purchased MAT, you'll gain access to the Domo platform. You can always add more states and/or verticals to your account within the platform. Keep in mind, however, that if you are purchasing a few verticals, the best discount is the "all verticals" option.