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What is MAT?

  • MAT is a database that delivers office A3 and A4 print volume and installed base information down to the zip code level for the United States of America.
  • You can add more layers by breaking this information down by up to 28 different verticals.
  • MAT is accessible via Domo, a cloud-based, easy-to-use data visualization tool that presents information in graphical, filterable formats that can also be exported.
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Get a bird’s-eye view of the printing landscape for office A3 and A4 devices in your territories

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WHY MAT? MAT makes it easy to view the printing landscape in your sales region. No more guessing, or manually compiling data. In just a few clicks, you’ll have access to the most efficient way of mapping page volumes, accessing valuable vertical printing data, and charting installed base by area. The data comes from a combination of primary research and government data.




TAP into potential sales


Anyone in the printing industry looking for a breakdown of print volume on a geographical and/or vertical level. More specifically, we find our tool is used by owners or executives for strategic planning, and by sales managers and salespeople for tactical applications.

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Need to establish fair, balanced sales territories in the counties you serve?

Our MAT data provides details such as pages printed, installed base, and number of establishments down to the zip code.

Now you can provide your teams with equal opportunities to win new business.

Less than 40% of companies feel that they can effectively measure key data in territory design.
-Sales Management Association Survey

Cut costs associated with time and direct marketing by focusing on the right target markets.

Use MAT’s intelligent mapping to identify the territories that offer the greatest revenue potential.

Further drill down to see which verticals are the most prominent in that area for an ultra-precise plan.

Targeted B2B direct mail has a response rate nearly 37x that of email.
-Direct Marketing Association

Looking to grow in a particular vertical market? If you’ve had success with a particular vertical, use this tool to pinpoint others like it and show them that you’ve had experience in their industry.

Looking to break into a vertical market? The MAT tool will show you in which vertical the highest population of printing exists in your area.

66% of print volume in the US is produced by five vertical markets
Keypoint Intelligence InfoTrends

Looking to expand your business? Whether you’re considering opening up a new location or acquiring, our MAT tool can give you the best insights into the best areas for selling print services. Where are print volumes the highest? How many machines are installed in the area you’re targeting? Put yourself in a prime position with MAT.

Managers in organizations using visual data discovery tools are 28% more likely than their peers that just use managed reporting and dashboards to find timely information
-Aberdeen Group

Avoid Casting A Wide Net With Target Marketing

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Let our analytics products and services take your business to the next level

MAT helps you to start assessing opportunities in your region. Start with this base product to get an overview per state.

Starting at $250 per state

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MAT+ Verticals provides a drill down of up to 28 vertical markets, targeting opportunities even further.

STARTING AT $350 (includes MAT base)

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VMS pinpoints exactly which customers you should be targeting and provides laser-focused marketing efforts based on your initiatives. We’ll work with you on a custom basis to find opportunities and create targeted marketing campaigns to drive more business.

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