Victor Jacksier Joins Keypoint Intelligence as Senior Product Manager


Keypoint Intelligence is pleased to announce that Victor Jacksier has joined the company as Senior Product Manager. In his role, Jacksier will be providing leadership in management of the product life cycle of our bliQ and UVERCE® products through effective agile project management skills while working with customers to bring the best solution to resolve their issues.

Victor has over 30 years of experience in the office equipment industry working for both Ricoh and Kyocera. During this time, he has managed copiers, printers, Audio-visual equipment, and software for the dealer network. Most recently he has worked managing insurance industry applications via a web platform bringing insurance companies and customers the best information to make critical decisions.

“We’re excited to welcome Victor to our product team,” commented Randy Dazo, Chief Strategy and Product Officer. “Victor’s extensive product experience in business-to-business (B2B) marketing make him a valuable asset in being able to translate complex customer requirements into competitive products that align with market needs.”

“I’m looking forward to joining Keypoint Intelligence’s product team and sharing my knowledge and expertise in product management and product lifecycle management,” added Jacksier.

More information about Victor Jacksier is available here