New Keypoint Intelligence—InfoTrends Study Shows Promise for Personalized Video Technology in Customer Communications


Keypoint Intelligence—InfoTrends establishes a guiding framework for the role of personalized video in customer communications strategies with the recent publication of its latest consumer research. The analysis gauges consumer demand for and preferences regarding personalized video across Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Personalized videos, or video messages enriched with individualized customer data, are a popularizing customer communications tool among enterprises. The recently-released report shows that there is consumer demand to match. To ensure enterprises, service providers, and technology vendors can tap into the full potential of personalized video in a march toward omni-channel connectivity, this report advises on:

  • Demographic and generational comparisons
  • Consumer delivery preferences
  • Engagement factors and follow-up actions
  • Defining an appropriate level of personalization
  • The impact of incorporating interactive elements

Many consumers are only just beginning to experience the true value of personalized videos as their providers start to expand their communications approach. “Our research has revealed that personalized video campaigns are not yet integrated into omni-channel customer communications strategy,” noted David Stabel, Director of the Customer Communications Advisory Service at Keypoint IntelligenceInfoTrends. “Top consumer follow-up actions to personalized videos mostly happens outside the customer journey that the personalized video initiated or is part of. These disconnected touchpoints result in a disjointed customer experience that market stakeholders will need to improve on.”

The study published earlier this month and can be acquired on a per-country or global basis for Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. For more information, please visit our online brochure or contact us at

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