Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends’ Study Shows Photography and Videography Industry Open to Change


In a new study entitled, 2018 Professional Photography and Videography Study, Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends surveyed 1,855 pro photographers and videographers to further explore photo printing, video services, digital camera ownership and usage, as well as the use of the internet.

This study found that 48% of professionals are looking to buy an interchangeable lens camera (ILC) in 2019 and 72% expect to purchase an ILC by 2020, and full-frame DSLRs and full-frame mirrorless cameras are high on their consideration list. The research also showed that video services continue to grow with 32% of pro photographers are now offering this to their clients. The percentage of pros who offer photo merchandise has been in a slow decline. However, the revenue generated by photo merchandise has been steady.

“The professional photography market continues to evolve,” says Ed Lee, Group Director of InfoTrends’ Consumer and Professional Imaging Services. “Technologies have advanced and market demands have shifted. To contend with this, we recommend that companies looking to sell their new equipment increase awareness of full-frame mirrorless cameras in order to get the professionals interested and willing to buy. However, that is not to say that alternative models, like APS-C sensor ILCs, rangefinder-style ILCs, and medium format cameras, should be cast to the side.”

InfoTrends’ 2018 Professional Photography and Videography Study outlines how companies can more efficiently connect with their key demographics by preference and how to keep up with trends in the photography business. By closely examining the differences between professionals’ backgrounds, preferences, and areas of expertise, InfoTrends has been able to get a detailed look into the market. The future of photography contains many opportunities for expansion, for companies selling photography and videography equipment and professionals alike. In a market that is continually searching for improved productivity and the best technology, it is essential that the companies that provide the cameras, accessories, and software keep pace with the businesses and professionals that use them.

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