Keypoint Intelligence-Buyers Lab Announces Inaugural Printer/MFP Security Testing Event and Program Kick-off


Keypoint Intelligence–Buyers Lab, the industry’s leading authority in hardcopy device testing and research, today announced the launch of a security testing benchmark—the first of its kind in the industry—that standardizes the requirements for output device security and provides independent verification of the security features of today’s advanced MFPs and printers. The Buyers Lab Verified Secure testing program inaugural event launches in November for current device models, with testing for new introductions available on an ongoing basis.

“While security remains to be a number one priority for IT, there is still a reasonable amount of vagueness and confusion surrounding printer and MFP security in the marketplace,” commented Randy Dazo, Group Director of Office Document Technology at Keypoint Intelligence. “We understand that most equipment makers do their own rigorous security testing on their devices, however, our program looks to complement that by providing independent verification of an OEM’s claims, or confidential feedback to program participants when improvements are needed, based on standardized testing derived by industry security experts in partnership with the manufacturers.”

Keypoint Intelligence-Buyers Lab Verified Secure Testing Program will create a new touchstone for the industry and provide manufacturers the option to use the exclusive “Buyers Lab Verified Secure” seal on products that pass the verification test suite.

Benefits to participants include:

  • Strategic Planning/Development
    • Understand any weaknesses in current design (confidential)
    • Garner actionable information from specific testing details
  • Marketing
    • First MFP-specific security validation and accompanying seal
    • Claims validated by the “Industry’s Leading Testing Company for MFP/Printer devices as a Neutral Third-Party”
  • Inaugural Testing/Criteria Development
    • Participants have an opportunity to contribute to the testing criteria benchmark
    • Event benefits include special initial inaugural group test/seal pricing

Participation methodology:

  • Buyers Lab and a leading security testing partner will run devices through a test script that mimics real-world threats and probes the various potential security shortcomings of networked/Internet-connected output devices
  • Buyers Lab will provide participating OEMs with the testing criteria after they sign on to the program but before device submission
  • OEMs will be able to specify the desired security settings to be used during the test (within certain parameters)
  • The device family models, security settings and firmware versions must be reported to Buyer’s Lab at the time of submission
  • Keypoint Intelligence will provide the test results to program participants in a detailed, private report

Become a participant of this inaugural testing roundup for additional benefits. Companies subscribing by October 31, 2018 are eligible to provide feedback to help develop the industry specific security benchmark criteria and take advantage of one-time only special test pricing. For more information and for frequently asked questions, please see our online brochure or contact


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