InfoTrends Releases New Office Document Technology Security and Scorecard


InfoTrends, a division of Keypoint Intelligence, announced today the completion of its market research study entitled Office Document Technology Security Multi-Client Study & Scorecard. This multi-client study was developed to understand security best practices used in the IT industry, how many of the most security-conscious industries are implementing these security controls in their environment related to PCs, mobile devices, printers, and MFPs as well as understand the security strengths and capabilities of the print and MFP manufacturers.

Office document technology security has evolved significantly over the past decade with tighter controls being placed on hardware, the network, and the document itself. However, organizations still feel that securing office equipment technology, even though they pose similar risks as any other IT device on the network, may not be as critical.

“The office document technology industry still has a way to go to convince even the most secure industries that printer and MFP security is as much of a threat as other network endpoints, such as desktop computers or PCs,” stated Randy Dazo, Group Director of InfoTrends’ Office Advisory Services. “According to our survey, organizations were more likely to secure their PC environments 25% to 100% more than their counterpart print and MFP areas.”

To understand how the most secure organizations prioritize security, a web survey of 191 respondents was evenly distributed among the healthcare, financial services, and government. The survey also focused on understanding how the printer and MFP industry addresses security through their devices, security solutions, and services they offer. Additionally, each manufacturing vendor completed a comprehensive security feature survey comprised of 141 criteria detailing their device security features, solutions, and services to understand how well the suppliers provide security solutions to the industry. The criteria were segmented into eight different categories from which a rigorous scoring method was applied to grade the vendor’s abilities against the overall industry.  

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