Better Cameras Drive Smartphone Users to Buy Sooner or Pay More According to InfoTrends Survey


Better Cameras Drive Smartphone Users to Buy Sooner or Pay More According to InfoTrends Survey

The growth of smartphones and tablets has changed the way that consumers communicate with each other and perform various tasks like taking and sharing photos, consuming media, and many other activities once handled with digital cameras and personal computers. Internet-connected televisions provide access to virtually all the same content, but with a distinct advantage: direct playback on the biggest screen in the home. Most of these features are enabled or enhanced by downloadable apps that allow each user to customize their experience according to his or her tastes and preferences.

In its 2015 U.S. Connected Devices End User Survey, InfoTrends surveyed 1,499 U.S. consumers about their use of smartphones, tablets, and Internet-connected TVs for a variety of business and recreational tasks. This report provides a demographic comparison of various connected device users, explores their use of these devices, and considers the impact that these devices are having on more traditional computing and imaging products.

Smartphones and tablets continue to be important parts of the imaging ecosystem for most consumers – for taking, sharing, viewing, editing, organizing, and managing the storage of photos and videos. This study found that the recent end of subsidized handset pricing by most wireless carriers would cause more than 40% of smartphone users to wait longer to get a new phone, and about half that number to opt for a less expensive phone. Nevertheless, more than 35% of each group said that a significantly better camera would be enough to make them buy sooner or pay more. Cameras are clearly important to smartphone users. InfoTrends suggests that smartphone manufacturers invest in improving the cameras in handsets, and that marketing that focuses on those improvements may help to offset volume and revenue declines in the wake of the changes in pricing structure.

InfoTrends’ 2015 U.S. Connected Devices End User Survey explores trends within the areas of smartphones, tablets, connected TVs, and other smart home devices. Manufacturers of these devices and providers of complementary products and services can use the information in this report to stay competitive in this ever-changing market.

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