Barb Pellow and Kate Dunn to Provide Educational Sessions for the Fourth Year at EFI Connect Worldwide Users’ Conference


Keypoint Intelligence/InfoTrends is pleased to announce its participation at EFI’s Annual Worldwide Users’ Conference which will take place January 17-20, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV.

During the event, Barb Pellow, Group Director, and Kate Dunn, Director will present six sessions which are designed to help print business owners, CEOs, production managers, and sales and marketing personnel grow their business. These sessions will include:

  • The Entrepreneurial Challenge: Recognizing and Preparing for Change
    With the acceleration of new digital technologies, the answer to this question is far from simple. The introduction of the personal computer brought the minicomputer business to a screeching halt, proving disastrous for companies like Wang and Digital Equipment. Meanwhile, IBM used this disruption to its advantage and decided to make investments in the software and services business. In other industries, Airbnb (lodging) and Uber (car travel) have completely disrupted their respective markets. Although print still plays a vital role in today’s communications world, it is now only one of a multitude of media channels. In the face of digital disruption, print industry incumbents need to determine what they must do differently to survive and even thrive in the future.

  • Sales: It Starts with Hiring
    Sales representatives are usually the first people potential clients will associate with a business, so businesses need sales representatives to be on point all the time. Finding high-quality sales employees that will take business to the top is like finding a needle in a haystack—it’s difficult. It’s every company’s dream to be on top of their industries, and while a business might have the best press operators and prepress team onboard already, it’ll be the job of the sales team to sell products and services to the world, gain revenue, and achieve company goals.

  • Onboarding & Retaining Your Sales Team
    Too many companies hire sales talent only to leave them largely to their own devices once they get them in the door. Successful service providers have learned that sales success starts with a formal and effective on-boarding process, as well as ongoing programs to retain the sales team moving forward. The organizations that devote the time and resources to developing and executing a formal on-boarding process tend to enjoy a culture of sales engagement, revenue growth, and reduced risk of attrition. In this session, the focus will be in best practices around on-boarding new sales people and how peers develop the talent they have invested in.

  • Effective Sales Management
    Even the best reps need a structure to stay on track and deliver sales results. For the rest of your team a good management structure is the difference between lack luster performance and a consistent sales machine. Learn the processes used by top performing companies of every size and product focus to give their sales team the direction and support they need to deliver consistent results today and easily adapt to the changing needs of customers tomorrow.

  • Your Sales Process Can Do More Than Generate Revenue
    Case Studies help build credibility with prospects but many print service providers can’t get their customers to share results data. Find out how a closed loop sales process can help capture the detail needed to create case studies and sales messaging that gets the attention of prospects.

  • Compensating Your Sales Team
    The smartest sales compensation plans can not only help recruit high-quality reps, but also motivate them to perform at their best. But creating and implementing the right compensation plan can be challenging. A good plan is a powerful tool in influencing sales results. A bad plan can demotivate and even demoralize an organization’s sales force. Great plans align with the company’s strategy and the capabilities of the sales force.

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