Aspiring Photographers Show Promise for New Sales Opportunities According to Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends Study


Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends is pleased to announce the completion of its 2019 US Interchangeable Lens Camera Market Study.  InfoTrends has been conducting in-depth studies of the digital interchangeable lens camera (DILC) market for aver a decade. DSLRs still dominate the market but mirrorless cameras have been making great strides to win market share in recent years.

Finding new sales opportunities in the photography market is an ongoing challenge. As part of InfoTrends’ ongoing research into the equipment ownership, attitudes, and behaviors of consumers reveals a very promising group of people it has identified as “aspiring photographers.” Aspiring photographers are people who are no longer satisfied with just taking smartphone photos. They have a passion for photography and want to feed it by taking their skills to a new level. Of those surveyed, about 28% of today’s cameras owners fall into this category. They are comprised of smartphone, point & shoot camera, and DILC owners. Helping them grow as photographers can lead to a future DILC sale. About 30% are considering buying a DILC in the next year. Over 50% think that they will buy a DILC within the next two years. This group will want to invest in the right cameras, lenses, and accessories to help them express themselves as photographers, as well as improve their knowledge of photography through in-person or online educational courses or seminars.

Aspiring photographers present new opportunities for cameras and accessory sales, as well as equipment rentals. These photographers are looking to improve their photography skills. This will be accomplished through a number of different avenues— the most important tactic will most likely be education. Topics for photographers to study should cover the full spectrum, from camera basics to studio lighting techniques, as to not exclude any level of skill. In addition to the science of photography, the art of photography is just as important to teach. Equipment vendors, software providers, and educational institutes should reach out to these aspiring photographers to help them continue their journey to become a better photographer. The goal will be to win mindshare and loyalty early, so that they remain loyal to specific brands throughout their photographic lifetime.

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