White Papers

documobiFUSE: Making Print Integral to the Mobile Experience

August 10, 2016

In this white paper, InfoTrends examines how marketers and service providers must re-engineer their processes, platforms, and organizations to accommodate today’s always-on consumers. more

Quality in Production Digital Color

May 11, 2016

InfoTrends examines how Canon has taken the key aspect of output gloss levels to give users the ability to adjust these to optimize the results for a specific media. This aspect of ‘gloss optimization’ is important because it provides offset-like output and makes it possible to use digital and offset output interchangeably for a range of job types. more

Print Three Drives Significant Online Growth Using RACAD TECH’s Technology

January 13, 2016

In this case history, InfoTrends explores the situation, the solution, and the result of Print Three's use of RACADTECH’s software solutions to provide customers with a convenient way to submit and personalize (VDP) files for printing that minimizes the amount of interaction needed between the print shop staff and customers. more

Optimizing Print to Mail:The Pitney Bowes AcceleJet Printing and Finishing System

September 23, 2015

Pitney Bowes has announced a new product that fits well in the gap between existing cut-sheet electrophotographic and continuous feed inkjet color products. This gap, known as “the Zone of Disruption,” is an area where high-speed and cost-effective products are challenging existing offerings. In this white paper, InfoTrends will explore the market trends that are driving users to cost-effective inkjet solutions more

Kodak NexPress: Ongoing Platform Innovation

September 09, 2015

Kodak’s NexPress plays a significant role in the cut-sheet production color digital printer category (1-10 million color duty cycle), a market that accounts for approximately 45 billion A4/4 letter images worldwide annually. In this analysis, InfoTrends will explore how Kodak has extended the NexPress platform in terms of productivity, format size, special effects, and print modes. more

Automation and the Sharp Pro Series

March 09, 2015

Sharp’s Pro Color Series Color Document Systems, introduced in September of 2013, is made up of two models: the 75 ppm MX-7500N and the 65 ppm MX-6500N. This white paper describes the systems’ ability to produce a full-bleed color booklet with a single knife trim, its user-friendly front-end system, its reliable paper-feed system, and its very compact footprint. more

Expanding the Production Capabilities of Inkjet

January 14, 2015

In this analysis, InfoTrends examines KBA’s RotaJET platform and explores the impact that this will have on the production digital print market. more

The Cut-sheet Inkjet Color Revolution

September 10, 2014

InfoTrends believes that a cut-sheet inkjet color revolution is imminent in the production digital printing market. A massive change has already occurred in continuous-feed production color digital printing, and many of those benefits could transfer to cut-sheet products. To date, however, the few cut-sheet inkjet products on the market have not been able to match the success of the continuous-feed inkjet models. more

Web to Print Drives Print Volume and Ensures Economic Viability

January 15, 2014

Print providers must offer web-enabled solutions to attract customers who expect an online offering. An integrated storefront solution that is linked to production eliminates time/errors and enables a better customer experience. This analysis reviews the benefits of web to print solutions and explores why PSPs need them for future success. more

The Value of Cut-sheet Inkjet - The Xerox Brenva HD Production Inkjet Press

Inkjet printing technology has the potential to bring some important advantages to production environments through new cut-sheet designs. In this white paper, InfoTrends will look closely at the Xerox Brenva HD Production Inkjet Press and the opportunity it presents. more